Full Patient A/R Solutions for Dental Practices

We don't get paid until you do!

Discover Dental Billing is dedicated to getting your practice paid. We are organized, accurate and tenacious.

We collect 100% of the contractual fees and patient responsibilities owed to your practice.

Efficient Claim Submissions

Our team submits accurate claims the first time, following up every 15 days and closing nearly all accounts within 60 days of submission. This includes primary and secondary claims submitted.

From insurance breakdowns to posting of your payments, and AR follow-up is our primary objective is to get you paid.

Increase Collections, Reduce Payroll

Jan and her team offer full-time AR services without adding to your overhead. Because we are remote, you don’t have to worry about employee turnover, payroll taxes and benefits. Our remote support is performed on your existing practice software and all data is secured for HIPAA compliance.

Our comprehensive services also include:

  • Payment tracking - Payments are posted to your patient ledger and deposits are balanced daily to make the month end a breeze.
  • Coding and billing - Our team of professionals have experience in dental posting and collecting to handle your needs with ease.
  • IT support and data security - We can improve your use of technology and secure your patient data to keep you in compliance. 
  • Credentialing and fee negotiation - Let us help you get credentialed/recredentialed with your current in-network carriers and negotiate an optimal fees schedule.
Streamline Your Front Office

We don’t just work with numbers; we work with people  - the heart of your dental practice. We’ll work as an extension of your front-desk team, offering quality support, team training, and improved revenue cycle management.

Insurance Breakdown Service

Our insurance breakdown service saves you money and improves accurate filing. It offers a truly detailed breakdown of every new patient and adds the note to the insurance plan by group number. We don’t believe in scanning the breakdown into patient charts because this forces you to pay for each patient breakdown when the note belongs to the group number and not the individual patient.

How We Work

Discover Dental Billing provides clients with a 12-month contract to ensure continuity and quality clean-up process of aging claims. We have found that monthly contracts are not in our clients’ best interest, as it leads to a slower clean-up process.

What's included

Our team is here to streamline your practice's billing and collection processes

Collect Insurance Payments

We understand the daily interruptions that can be created from time spent on issues regarding the collection of pending insurance claims. Utilizing our dental billing services can make your practice more profitable, efficient, and effective. By inaugurating a systematic method to simplify this process in a more structured way.

Learn how we can alleviate up to 30% of the practice’s daily time spent on claims with a productive solution to see your profits go up!


We provide accurate reconciliation for patient accounts. Your assigned dental billing specialists’ team will audit accounts for accuracy. Involved in the evaluation of the patient ledger is verifying the origin of the transaction resulting in a balance up to a given time. Often practices struggle with the understanding of payments and the appropriate way of applying them to family accounts correctly. These errors create inaccuracies in your patient balances.

We can customize collections letters and resolve bad debts from your accounts receivables.


We can create a personalized practice analysis to help enhance the production of your team. An approach that is customized to your needs that will encourage and motivate employees to accomplish tasks to meet and obtain practice goals.


We know how to help you always have control of your accounts receivables.  Many practices are unable to gasp the availability of payment options patients and insurance companies utilize. Therefore, this can make for a difficult tracking report if all options are not accounted. The completed accounts receivable reports that we provide will allow you to realize your practice potential and possibilities for progress.


We will help implement a high- performance billing service that is second to none. Dental offices require a resource to look for payment systems to aid in the acceptance of patient payments while retaining low fee rates. Acceptance of credit, debit and other electronic payment options can make a substantial difference in the bottom line for your dental practice.  


We ensure HIPPA compliance with our daily responsibilities while maintaining accurate and complete records for patients. We protect the confidentiality of patients’ protected health information. Documents are scanned or uploaded into an electronic patient file to ensure each account has been updated with the most current information.

IT Support &
Data Security

We install our own company regulated computers. Equipped with the most secure software protection. Data breaches have become apparent as a significant threat. They are especially troublesome for dental practice. The theft of patient information has the potential to ruin a practice. Establishing data security is one of our top priorities as a billing company.

Credentialing &
Fee Negotiations

We help providers and practices with becoming credentialed with insurance companies. If you need this service for the first time or you are adding a new provider. We can accommodate your unique practice needs.

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